Software Development

Peak Drive Solutions is capable of delivering complex software systems on time and  to budget. We have developed some major systems that have often exceeded the expectations of our customers.

Major Projects the company has undertaken include:

  • The Peak Tiger modular software core that integrates a variety of security and building management systems into a common front end such as a CCTV system. This is a very flexible system that is ideal for implementing programmed responses to the receipt of data from a variety of sources. This product is written in C#.
  • A Web Server Integration Project enabling a pair of 2m telescopes in Hawaii and Australia to be controlled remotely by schoolchildren in the UK. This was written in Java.
  • Technical support in commissioning a large metropolitan area radio network for the transport of CCTV images, consisting of over one hundred radios and sixty switches. This included configuration of the network monitoring tools.
  • Server design for a large railway CCTV system with over 500 TB of storage

For further information please call Andy Eastham on +44 (0)1793 727994 or visit the Contact Page to send an email


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