Peak Drive Solutions Ltd

On Top of the World“Technology is a Business Accelerator, not a Handbrake.”

Peak Drive is an IT Consultancy with a difference.  We mix technology with business experience to produce solutions that really work for our customers.

Reflections“We specialise in performing Complex and Secure integration tasks between Diverse systems.”

We work across all industry sectors to deliver systems integration and network capability solutions that are second to none.

Whether it’s Application Development, Web Services, System Architecture design, System Integration advice, or the implementation of secure Network Communications, here at Peak Drive we make sure our customers enjoy reliable outcomes with a competitive edge, as well as lasting peace of mind.

Andy on the Ropes“A well-driven project delivers what the Customer wants. A Peak-driven project adds value  beyond what the Customer thought possible.”

 We work with our customers to deliver at the very least exactly what they want. However, by carefully understanding what it is our customers want to achieve and bringing our own technical and business experience into the mix, our approach enables our customers to achieve even more.

Ghostly“In our business we don’t like nasty surprises – we know our Customers don’t either.”

Peak Drive hates wasting time and money. Our approach to projects ensures that we rapidly understand our customers’ requirements, manage expectations from day one and give our customers frequent opportunities to view the development as it progresses.

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